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Carp with an increased content of omega 3 fatty acids

The Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection, in cooperation with company Blatenská ryba and the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, has developed a technology of carp breeding with an increased content of omega 3 fatty acids.

System for real-time monitoring of etho-physiological parameters in crayfish

Biomonitoring system for registration of crayfish cardiac and locomotor activity.

Sturgeon Friendly Caviar®

Sturgeons and their products, especially caviar and high-quality meat, have been and are synonymous with luxury, well-being and wealth. Because of this, they are point of interest to traders and consumers. Just trying to get these luxury products led, along with the deterioration of the environment, to a drastic decline in the state of wild swallowing of these fish. Therefore, the interest in breeding and further use of sturgeon in aquaculture breeds has increased.

Exposure Scope

The Exposure scope is an LED flash - strobe illuminating equipment for optical microscope.

Fate and Effects of Pollutants in Aquatic Environment

The expansion in anthropogenic activity since the last century had a negative impact on all areas of the environment. Whole ranges of aquatic organisms, including fish, are unintentionally exposed to a large number of anthropogenic compounds in their natural habitats.

Laboratory of experimental complex systems

The laboratory deals with the basic and applied research of complex systems especially in the natural systems area. The main direction of the research is the analysis of natural systems based on automatic data processing from the controlled experiments.

Laboratory of Signal and Image Processing

The main aim of the laboratory is the processing and analyzing of discretized signals and images, mainly from biological (biochemical, biophysical) measurements. Mass spectrometry in tandem with liquid or gas chromatography, microscopic measurements including fluorescence and phase contrast are at the center of attention. The description of the actual measuring process in terms of measurement theory, representations of the fundamental attributes of measurement and data formats is its integral part.