Exposure Scope

The Exposure scope is an LED flash - strobe illuminating equipment for optical microscope.

What is Exposure scope?

The Exposure scope is an LED flash - strobe illuminating equipment for optical microscope.

Its working frequency is synchronized with the video frames frequency of connected video camera. This allows a standard video camera to record fast moving microscopic objects, where the duration of one half-frame (for PAL 1/50 seconds) is too long to obtain a sharp image detail.

exposure scope 1exposure scope 2

The principle function of the ES is well defined multiple object illumination during one half-frame. It uses vertical and horizontal synchronization impulses of video signal. With these impulses it may expose well-defined flashes (1, 2, or 3) in one half-frame of standard video. Exposure Scope consists of a control module, power supply and lighting module for mounting to the light microscope and the power supply voltage.


Exposure Scope is used for visualization, video recording and subsequent evaluation of motion of fast moving objects under a light microscope.

Examples of observed objects can be spermatozoa of various animal species, flagellated protozoa etc.

Advantages of using LEDs

  • Substantially smaller demands on energy source
  • well-defined duration and intensity of flash light
  • The possibility of using safely supply voltage 12 V DC
  • The possibility of using the device in external conditions from the battery pack

What we offer?

We offer delivery a complete device that can be used immediately after installation. Service and training are included in the delivery.

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