List of offered patents:

kapr 1P.302744 Feed for common carp and method of rearing common carp with increased content of omega 3 fatty acids

crayfish006 small EP3339856A1 Method for Ethological Monitoring of Crayfish and System for this Method  paradni napad 2021

A system for monitoring the behavior of crayfish, which will ensure early detection of pollution of the water source

1500290uP.306339 Device for loading live fish

Equipment for loading live fish specially adapted for loading fish in smaller catches. LICENSED!

obilna semena P.307158 A method of treating seeds with plasma and the strain of the fungus Trichoderma virens

Special treatment of seed of field crops, which are then resistant to pathogeninc agents in the soil and characterized by high yield.

ryba P.3P07309 A method of contactles detection of fish health and a device for implementing this method

Device for non-contact detection of the health status of fish in their natural environment without the need for physical contact, at the same time enabling continuous monitoring of the health status.

čistička P.307519 A device for wastewater treatment   transfera finalista cervena rgb 558px72ppi

Equipment for watewater treatment without the need for energy inputs and interventions in the terrain or major construction modifications. Suitable for places with poor access to common infrastructure.

rybnik P.307618 Equipment for improving the water quality of pond runoff

A uniquely designed floating wetland to retain impurities escaping form the pond drain. It will prevent pollution of the surrounding waters and surrounding nature. 

 svet obd P.307619 Equipment for improving the water quality at he outflow of a pond dam 

A uniquely designed floating wetland to retain impurities escaping form the pond dam. It will prevent pollution of the surrounding waters and surrounding nature. 

longhand P.307875 Equipment for remotely controlling electronic devices potentiometers, especially analogue music amplifiers  JU Innovation logo

 A unique accessory for a music amplifier that allows changing the played sound without technical intervention in the amplifier.

zelezo P.308162 Process for preparing a nanostructured superhydrofobic surface layer with a radial symmetric wettability gradient 

The device can change the structure of the surface so that it is non-stick and can concentrate the liquid in one point.

inr2023 JU foto2 P.308653 Method of preparing black garlic with antioxidant activity and black garlic preapred this way  JU Innovation logo o4292950 cir   LICENSED!

A method of producing black garlic to preserve allt he antioxidants nad vitamins of fresh garlic, but without the unpleasant pungent smell and taste.  

kurovec P.309464 Methof for monitoring bark beetle activities and system for monitoring  JU Innovation logo     LICENSED!

Specially adapted camera probe for preventive control of forest cover.

les P.309627 A method for monitoring bark beetle activities in forest stands and a sensing device for taking a camera recording of the surface of the examined tree trunk  LICENSED!

Specially adapted camera probe supplemented with auxiliary accessories for preventive control of forest cover.

padli jablonove jpg denik 630 P.309786 The strain of the entomopatogenic fungus, Lecanicillium attenuatum CCM, 9195 and the method of eliminating insect pests, mites and plant pathogens using the strain of the ethomopathogenic fungus

Means for the protection of cultivated plants. A natural alternative to chemical pesticide. It can protect plants form insects, mites and even powdery mildew.

mleko P.309824 A device for automation of milking parlours with manual operation of milking machines 

Automated machine for operating milking machines.

pedal P.309832 A pedal for controlling musical instruments 

Specially modifies MIDI pedal to simplify pedal control furing live performance.

nanoprint P.309846 A method on nanoprinting nanoparticles and a device for nanoprinting nanoparticles 

Nanoprinter for exact printing from any metal.

midiprojektor P.309875 A device for foot-switching of programs and/or sounds on musical instruments intended for live performance 

A set of commonly available devices equipped with control SW for a very clear display of the buttons on the MIDI pedal during live performance. 

respirato P.309899 A substrate with an antimicrobial surface layer, especially for respiratory masks and air filters

An antimicrobial substrate that ensures a high rate of release of substances with antimicrobial properties, thereby reducing viruses or bacteria on frequently touched objects. 


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