Utility models

List of offered utility models:

UV.23983 Isolator of proteins from potatoes with an antimicrobial efficiency

UV.25973 Mobile electronically measuring system for measuring parameters of agricultural machines

UV.26543 Fruit spread, marmalade or jam

UV.27080 Syrup from the bloom of the elder

UV.27240 Heat treated dish from fish meat       

UV.27713 Immuno-analytic kit for determination of the content of beef and/or sheep Thyrotropin in a blood serum

UV.28150 Equipment and a kit for testing the action of xenobiotics contained in water on water animals

UV.28153 Marinade, especially for preparation of fish meat

UV.28364 Equipment for increasing the quality of stagnant water of outside storage reservoirs

UV.28395 Equipment for measuring bio-impendance in biological samples

UV.28839 Retention system for reduction of radionuclides contamination

UV.28959 Dry mixture for making gluten-free pastry

UV.29711 Preserved product of fish meat

UV.29739 Cream with increased content of biologically active natural substances

UV.30531 A dry mixture for fortification of fine pastry, confectionery and bakery products

UV.31190 A device for intensive aquaculture production

UV.31559 A preparation for the treatment or prophylaxis or infections caused by flaviviruses, in particular tick-borne encephalitis

UV.31813 Gluten-free fermented bread enriched by flavonoids 

UV.31825 Underwater floating light trap for capture of small aquatic organisms 

UV.32167 Device for remote control of potenciometers of electronic instruments, in particular analogue musical amplifiers 

UV.32041 A device for attaching and moving cell cuvettes with a gel sample on a femtosecond spectroscopic laser

UV.32047 A hydrobion monitoring device, in particular for the purposes of saprobiological analysis of water quality

UV.32058 An antioxidant ingredient for enrichment of especially bakery or meat or dairy products and a bakery, meat and dairy product enriched with this ingredient

UV.32192 A device for catching farm animals

UV.32316 A device for early detection of attacking the forest by pests

UV.32317 A device for early detection of attacking the forest by pests

UV.32395 A meat product containing a biologically active ingredient


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