Laboratory of Signal and Image Processing

The main aim of the laboratory is the processing and analyzing of discretized signals and images, mainly from biological (biochemical, biophysical) measurements. Mass spectrometry in tandem with liquid or gas chromatography, microscopic measurements including fluorescence and phase contrast are at the center of attention. The description of the actual measuring process in terms of measurement theory, representations of the fundamental attributes of measurement and data formats is its integral part.

Commercial activity

The laboratory provides services in the development of software for the processing and analyzing of images based on non-expert formulated queries. This is a specialized solution directly fitted to customer requirements. The laboratory also provides development systems for capturing and analyzing the behavior of aquatic organisms in small and large aquarium tanks (mainly fish and crayfish).


Key activities:
- image segmentation
- operations of mathematical morphology
- noise filtering
- conversion of data formats
- color space transformations
- calibration of digital cameras
- design and implementation of the systems for objects detection and tracking

Contact person:

RNDr. Růžena Štemberková

Mobile: +420 702 027 182

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.