Laboratory of Molecular Ecology of Vectors and Pathogens

Laboratory of Molecular Ecology of Vectors and Pathogens


Our laboratory investigates the research of molecular and cellular factors of pathogen transmission by ticks. The research is focused primarily on Lyme disease spirochetes and the tick-borne encephalitis virus. We investigate their interaction with vector tick Ixodes ricinus at the molecular level, protein-carbohydrate interactions and glycemic profiles that affect the transmission of tick-borne pathogens and the immune response of ticks to pathogens. At present, it is also developing research on the molecular ecology and epidemiology of Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis using modern methods of diagnosis of these pathogens.

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University: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Science
Department of Parasitology

Faculty of Science,

University of South Bohemia

Branišovská 31

CZ-37005 České Budějovice, CR

Registration No.: 60076658
Tel.: +420605430008
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HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Liquid chromatography

Equipment for 1D and 2D agar and PAGE electrophoresis and electroblotting

Thermocycler and gradient thermocycler

Biohazard flow-box




PCR boxes

Basic laboratory equipment


Identification of pathogens in ticks

Determination of B. burgdorferi strains in a sample

Detection of the glycemic profile of an organism / sample


Identification of differentially expressed genes in various conditions

Preparation and purification of recombinant proteins