Development of a Technology Transfer Office at the University of South Bohemia

Operational Program Research, Development and Education: call Building Expert Capacities – Technology Transfer

Registration number of the project: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_014/0000628

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Program: Research, Development and Education

Priority axis: PA 2 – Development of universities and human resources for research and development

Investment priority: IP 1 – Improving the quality and efficiency of, and access to, tertiary and equivalent education with a view to increasing participation and attainment levels, especially for disadvantaged groups

Specific objective: SO 5 – Improving the conditions for education related to research and for the development of human resources in research and development

Total amount of subsidy: 18 466 753,8 CZK

Realization: from 01.10.2017 till 30.09.2021

The main objective of the Call is to support centres for the Technology transfer so they become a relevant partner to industrial research staff and an acknowledged part of the research and development system. The objective of this Call is to support the development of human resources in professional knowledge in centres for Technology transfer through the following grant activities.

Obligatory activities:

  1. Education of the staff of technology transfer team (TT) in the areas related to the Technology transfer and commercialization, including development using practical experiences and skills.
  2. Procedural setting of the technology transfer at the institution; in case of already functioning CTT then further development and making the procedural setting more effective.
  3. Project management – the description of the content of this activity can be found in the Rules for Applicants and Beneficiaries – General section.

Optional activities:

  1. Creation and development of CTT promotional activities for researchers in the organization for research and the dissemination of knowledge (or for students in the organization for research and dissemination of knowledge), including 5 research staff and other staff at the institution in the CTT processes and operations.
  2. Development of technology scouting including institutionalization and systematization of this activity at the institution.
  3. Support or creation in case of absence, for the panel from the application field at the institutional level (for example, a council for commercialization).
  4. Consultation (studies, market surveys) for the future appreciation of intellectual property and know-how of the institution for the project purposes.