Physiotherapy Centre

of The Institute of Applied Health and Social Sciences

A new facility is the Physiotherapy Centre that was opened in the basement of the building in J. Boreckého Street in Autumn 2014.

It is a registered nongovernmental health care facility providing services in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine, not only to employees and students of the University of South Bohemia, but also to the general public.

It is an excellent opportunity for students in the very popular discipline of Physiotherapy in order to gather experiences that constitutes the basic precondition of success and can be acquired only through practical experiences. As it is a clinical workplace, they can devote more time to the patients than is normally the case in more standardized rehabilitation outpatient facilities. They work here under the supervision of the chief physiotherapist of the centre and of lecturers from the Institute of Physiotherapy and Selected Medical Disciplines of FHSS USB. The Physiotherapy Centre allows students to perform scientific activities, collect data for Bachelor theses, and to offer conditions for Evidence Based Medicine, dramatically increasing the graduates’ competitiveness.

Services to the public

The Physiotherapy Centre provides services paid from public health insurance, as well as services not covered by this insurance. The supply of standardized outpatient care such as comprehensive kinesiologic examination, individual physiotherapy, manual therapy, ergonomics, kinesiotaping or thermotherapy is completed with a combined device for physical therapy (laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy, combined therapy), as well as with instrumentation for movement analysis.

In the South Bohemian Region, it is a unique combination of tools for research and therapy for motor disorders, including diagnostic ultrasound, a set for telemetric measurements for muscle coordination by surface electromyography and static posturograph for examination and therapy for postural stability. Individuals with motor system disorders from various etiologies, individuals that have experienced injuries, surgeries, and individuals interested in prevention of such problems, may be referred to the Physiotherapy Centre.

Opening hours: Mo/Tue/Thu 7:00-15:30, Wed7:00-16:30, Fri7:00-14:30 hod.

Telephone.: +420 389 037 844



The Institute brings together three centers: the Center for Seniors, the Center for the Prevention of Civilization Diseases and the Center for Physiotherapy. These workplaces offer their services to the general public and at the same time they act as clinical workplaces for the practical education of students of selected branches of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies.

Director of the Institute: Mgr. Lenka Šedová, Ph.D.

Telephone.: +420 389 037 408