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Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work

Who are we?

The Department of Social Work creates conditions for the teaching of subjects such as social policy (social services), theories and methods of social work (with minorities, youth at risk, the elderly), sociology, professional practice and supervision, methods of sociological research etc. This concerns disciplines of both a theoretical and applied nature.

The department cooperates with a number of foreign universities from Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, England, the United States etc.

What do we do and for whom?


The academic staff of the department ensures the education of students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral study programs focused on health and social issues, as well as participating in teaching other forms of education, for example lifelong learning and the University of the Third Age. Employees of the department lead and oppose bachelor's, master's and dissertation theses.


Cooperation with practice:

The Department of Social Work provides professional practice and supervision for students in the field Rehabilitation-psychosocial care for handicapped children, adults and seniors and Social work in public administration. It cooperates very closely with workplaces that provide our students with the opportunity to perform professional practice.


Science and research:

Members of the department actively participate as investigators and co-investigators of scientific research projects. They are engaged in scientific and research teams abroad and participate, for example, in the implementation of the International Social Work Week, which takes place every year and is associated with the mobility of students, but also the mobility of foreign and domestic academics.

What are our aims?


Our goal is to offer services related to teaching and research activities of an applied or scientific nature. In line with the trends in the social sphere, we will focus on expanding the spectrum of creative activities and the knowledge and skill potential of students and teachers.

Finally, we encourage the mobility of students and academics at foreign universities. Cooperation with partner universities will continue to be developed and expanded.

Cooperation with practice

We will deepen cooperation with workplaces, where the professional practice of students is performed, for example, by offering continuing education for employees of these organizations, and by the meeting of trainers with academic staff at the faculty etc.


Science and research:

The long-term research goal of the department staff is to develop the application of and methods of key social science disciplines, as well as design and publishing activities.

Contact information

Dr. Slavomír Rakouský

Technology scout of Fac. Health&Soc. Studies

University of South Bohemia

Branišovská 31

370 05 České Budějovice

Czech Republic

Phone/ +420 387 772 279

E/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.