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Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines

The Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines (DCPD)


The Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines is responsible for ensuring the teaching of clinical subjects in most fields of study at the Health and Social Studies Faculty. It is most involved in teaching in the bachelor program Specialization in Health, in the fields Paramedic, Physical Therapist and Nutritional therapist.

The Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines provides theoretical and practical instruction in all clinical subjects that are implemented in the teaching of healthcare and social fields for the Health and Social Studies Faculty of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

The location of the department

The Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines resulted from the merger of two departments: the Department of Clinical Disciplines and the Department of Preclinical Disciplines in 2011. Based on the number of its academic workers and other external experts participating in teaching, it ranks among the largest departments of the faculty.

The headquarters of the department is Pavilion H in the upper premises of České Budějovice Hospital. Access to the building is possible from the hospital premises as well as from Preslova street.

Direct link to the location on the map here.

Teaching activities

The educational focus of the department, in addition to direct instruction, focuses on the publishing of textbooks, creating e-learning project events and processing accreditation materials. It participates in the education of foreign students in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The academic staff of the department works closely with the individual clinical workplaces in České Budějovice Hospital a.s. and other health care facilities involved in teaching. Many external experts are involved in education in the given areas concerned, so as to ensure the highest professional standards of teaching.

The priority is the modernization and improvement of the existing teaching process of the relevant fields and the continued preparation of postgraduate education and lifelong learning. The continuous updating of thematic plans for individual fields with the addition of recent literature is taking place. The management of the department ensures compliance with the correct concept of leadership seminars and overall teaching and tries to improve the level of annual, bachelor and diploma theses from assignment up until the final form of the work.

Scientific-research activity

The focus of the department staff is targeted on the complex medical and social area. In the scientific and research work, they were involved in research projects of the faculty, University of South Bohemia internal grants and other projects aimed primarily at improving the quality of teaching.

At the Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines the Grant projects GA CR, Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health, GA USB, GA HSSF and the Higher Education Development Fund are addressed. The results of the scientific research work of the department are published in professional journals and actively presented at domestic and international professional conferences.

The department staff are members of professional societies and work on domestic and international expert committees of professional and government organizations (Internal Grant Agency of the MH CR, the editorial board of professional journals, scientific and business boards and professional committees of each university).

Contact with the surroundings

The Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines annually organizes professional conferences, for example Generation 50+, Reproductive Health, Nutrition, an integral part of the treatment of serious diseases and others.

The department staff work in numerous contributory and charities, participate in activities in the public sector and thereby promote not only the department, but also the Health and Social Studies Faculty of the University of South Bohemia as such.

Profile of the department sections

The focus of the comprehensive education at the Department of Clinical and Preclinical disciplines is in the following four areas.

  • Paramedic

  • Physiotherapy

  • Nutritional therapist

  • Health and Social Worker



Dr. Slavomír Rakouský

Technology scout of Fac. Health&Soc. Studies

University of South Bohemia

Branišovská 31

370 05 České Budějovice

Czech Republic

Phone/ +420 387 772 279

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