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Department of Psychology and Special Education and the University of the Third Age

Department of Psychology and Special Education

and the University of the Third Age

Who are we?

The Department of Psychology and Special Education guarantees and provides education in a degree program of special education, in the field of special education - teaching and other accredited programs. The implementation of theprogramFurther education of teachers (DVPP), senior education in programs at the University of the Third Age, and last but not least, also active involvement in European educational programs and projects (Grundtvig - Partnership, the Exceptional European Women in Older Age project, 2000-2012) has significantly shaped the area of lifelong learning.

What do we do and for whom?


Within the framework of pedagogic activities the department implements a special education bachelor’s degree program (field of study special education - teaching) in both full-time and combined from of study. The staff of the department ensure the teaching of ethics and philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, special education and the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. In bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programs as well as in educational and professional activities, they provide support to students with special educational needs. They significantly participate in the teaching of other forms of lifelong learning.

Cooperation with practice:

The Department of Psychology and Special Education guarantees the job training and supervision of students majoring in special education - teaching. By involving professionals from practice (especially clinical facilities) in teaching, the leadership of undergraduate work and supervisory activities of students at clinical departments closely links theory with practice. The representation of academic and external department staff in governmental ministry working groups, professional associations and on the committees for Health and Social Care of the Council of the South Bohemia Region, strengthens their prestige.

Science and research:

The academic staff of the department are involved in the solution of scientific research projects of the USB HSSF, the development of educational activities within the 2015 Institutional Plan of the University of South Bohemia as well as participating in the project Social Determinants and Their Impact on the Health of Immigrants Living in the Czech Republic (2013-2015). With the Department of Laboratory Methods and Information Systems, it is implementing a project for the development of a typhlopedic computer workplace at USB HSSF.

University of the Third Age

Educational, creative and design activities are displayed by academics of the Department of Psychology and Special Education in the field of the education of adults and the elderly. The University of the Third Age (U3A) has been operating at the Health and Social Studies Faculty of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice since 1992 as a specific form of lifelong learning. The faculty currently offers a wide variety of educational programs, fields and courses in České Budějovice, Písek and Prachatice.

Interested senior persons who have completed secondary education, with no age limit, as well as people with disabilities can become participants in the interest-based non-professional education (U3A).

Why do we exist?

We participate in the education of special educators, social workers and other workers in the helping professions. We improve the quality of their preparation through the implementation of project work in practical training. We strive to strengthen the staff in these disciplines and to create conditions for their development.

What are our aims?

In addition to the educational goals of the development of the knowledge and skill potential of students, teachers and other professionals, we are expanding the range of creative activities and the offer of training opportunities (additional, qualification and certified courses) for those interested in further and lifelong learning.

Contact information

Dr. Slavomír Rakouský

Technology scout of Fac. Health&Soc. Studies

University of South Bohemia

Branišovská 31

370 05 České Budějovice

Czech Republic

Phone/ +420 387 772 279

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