Fate and Effects of Pollutants in Aquatic Environment

The expansion in anthropogenic activity since the last century had a negative impact on all areas of the environment. Whole ranges of aquatic organisms, including fish, are unintentionally exposed to a large number of anthropogenic compounds in their natural habitats.

Great science provided, we encourage you to collaborate on cutting edge research.

Our research is focused on:

  • Detection of wide spectra of extraneous substances in aquatic environment compartments e.g. pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, UV filters and pesticides
  • Development of new progressive instrumental methods for screening of new compounds
  • Investigation of effect of pollution on exposed organisms, both field and laboratory studies and new omics approaches
  • Biomonitoring and passive sampling
  • Collaboration with companies interested in water treatment technologies

The labs are equipped with advanced analytical instruments as:




Instruments essential for analyses of biochemical parameters.

I Chemie 4

What we offer?

We offer the services of our highly equipped laboratory, cooperation on research projects concerning the pollution of the aquatic environment, the impact and the action of harmful substances on aquatic animals.


Above all, the detection of foreign substances in the aquatic environment, such as pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, pesticides.

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