Sturgeon Friendly Caviar®

Sturgeons and their products, especially caviar and high-quality meat, have been and are synonymous with luxury, well-being and wealth. Because of this, they are point of interest to traders and consumers. Just trying to get these luxury products led, along with the deterioration of the environment, to a drastic decline in the state of wild swallowing of these fish. Therefore, the interest in breeding and further use of sturgeon in aquaculture breeds has increased.

What is a “caviar”?

The caviar, more precisely the black caviar, is a slightly salted, unvaccinated sturgeon fish that is obtained from sexually mature females shortly before swabbing by a very indiscriminate method. The fish are killed, their ovaries are removed and separated from the individual eggs, which are washed, salted and packaged.

Our innovative technology

While the traditional method of caviar production was working with the death of adult fish (which matures at a relatively high age) and thus contributed to the almost complete eradication of wild populations, the technology of the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters of the University of South Bohemia allows not only the survival of the jerks, but also their repeated swab.

Our caviar

For the production of our caviar we use sturgeon sturgeon and small sturgeon. The eggs are extracted from the hen fish by a very gentle method as in artificial swabs and then converted to a first-class culinary product using a special technology based on the physical process and the use of kitchen salt. Because hen fish are not killed during this process, the main motive of the trademark is Sturgeon Friendly Caviar.

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What we offer?

We offer the license to the production of Sturgeon Friendly Caviar.

License owner: University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

Contact person:

RNDr. Růžena Štemberková

Mobile: +420 702 027 182

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